Indonesian Nationals Report – Lightning/Earth
Indonesian Nationals Report – Lightning/Earth

Indonesian Nationals Report – Lightning/Earth

Posted on behalf of Vincent Yunos

Final Fantasy TCG Indonesian National Championship 2nd Place Report

Greetings Reader, I am Vincent Yunos, a competitive player in the Indonesian FFTCG community and a member of Team Azure TCG.

I wanted to share my report since this is the first major event in Indonesia for FFTCG.

The tournament was organized by Animart, which is a TCG Distributor company in Indonesia.
The Venue is in Nucira Building, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Consists of 16 qualified participants from all over the cities of the country, playing 4 rounds of swiss and Top 4 cut single elimination.

So let’s get on to the point. The deck I used is Mono Lightning with Shantotto. It’s quite a unique deck that me and my Friend Kirin made from scrap since Opus 3 was released.

2nd Place Vincent Yunos – Mono Lightning ft. Shantotto

Forwards (26)

Backups (17)

Summons (7)

As you can see I used 43 Lightning Cards, 3 dark cards and only 4 earth cards which is 1 Delita L and 3 Shantotto L.
The purpose of this deck was board wiping with Exdeath’s Grandcross, exodus summon and Shantotto, while having tempo of the game with Al-Cid, Edea & etc. So, Here comes the Tournament Report.


Round 1 vs Earth Ice – Danny Saputra

Game 1: The Game was definitely on my side since I had control over the board since Turn 3-4 where i cast Al-Cid to burn his Vincent. With the follow ups of Edea and other plays on the following turns. He conceded instantly. WIN

Game 2: I thought the game was going to be easy since the early game was similar to the 1st game, but he drew Shantotto and I hadn’t draw many forwards or removals to clear his following Vincent, Yuffie, Squall and Laguna. LOSE

Game 3: The first hand I drew was Chaos, Red Mage, Gramis, Duke Goltanna and Shantotto. I decided to keep the hand since I thought it was the perfect hand for the deck itself. Unfortunately he rushed me down to 5 damage and I decided not to cast Al-Cid while he had Vincent Squall and Delita. But I surprised him by casting Shantotto on that moment. He was completely speechless why I had shantotto on A Mono Lightning Deck. At that time, the game turned well for me and I won after 5-6 turns later. WIN


Round 2 vs Wind Water YuRiPa – Ignatius.

Game 1: Easy game, won with Angeal Penance haste and some Red Mages. WIN

Game 2: I was careless on this point the moment I saw I had the game. I cast Emperor to Prevent his Baralai to Activate his forwards to Block my small forwards such as Al-Cid, Rygdea. I forgot to see his resources which already came out at that point, he played Leviathan and activated Baralai to blocked. LOSE

Game 3: I pretty much didn’t lose any Tempos on the Game at turn 2-5, However he drew every single removal such as Chaos and Levis to prevent me from blocking. Famfrits on Exbursts while he has no forwards. He follows up to cast Tidus, Rikku & Paine on the following turn and my Al-Cid cant do anything while his Minwu was On the board. LOSE


Round 3 vs Wind Water YuRiPa – Erik Cahyadi.

To be honest Wind Water without Minwu in the deck is much easier to deal with, compared to the previous match. Garnet and other core forwards was easily removed by Al-Cid and Seymour. So I Won 2-0. But still, Erik is a very good Player.

Round 4 vs Fire Earth – Luluk.

Game 1: Similar to my first round of the Day. I had the tempo to kill Both Ursulla and Scargmillione with Al-Cid And Zalbaag with the follow ups of Edeas.
Luluk still follows up to Yang and Ursula while I had Exdeath on the board. What I was afraid of is Bahamut. After several turns passed i realized his Bahamut was not there while he had only 4 cards left on this deck, so I activated Grand Cross and Luluk lost too much. and i think he didn’t draw any answer of it. WIN

Game 2: Luluk decided to go first and threw his entire hand to cast Yang, Ursulla, Scargmillione with no backups played and passed the turn. I had 4 backups on my hand, drew to Al-Cid and Rygdea and decided to play 2 backups and pass the turn. On the next turn, Luluk attacked with yang to Odin EX Burst and i decided to break Yang so i left him with 2 6000 Power Forwards on the board. He was so frustrated of running into Odin EX. I played Gilgamesh on the next turn and passed. Luluk played 1 backup and passed the turn. So Al-Cid combo to win the Board tempo, I’m very confident of winning the game. So yeah, the game went to my side after a several turns on that point. WIN

Top 4 Match vs Wind Water EXBURST – Robin Irawan.

Game 1: Let’s just skip to who saw most of his summons discarded to cast backups and forwards. I saw 3 Leviathans, 2 Famfrits, 2 Belias and 3 Chaos was already on the Break Zone. 2 of his Garnets were removed by Seymour and Al-Cid combo. And I attacked him constantly without any hesitations since I know the deck wasn’t gonna do much without summons. But since Robin is known for his great skills he still manage to stall the game for so long, While i have Exdeath on the field for 2-3 turns, on the very last moment of the game I activated Grand Cross and he conceded

Game 2: To be honest I don’t remember much what happened in this game, but Robin outplayed every single thing I did and he won.

Game 3: This was a very long game we both traded blows for so many turns. Somehow, I lost my Tempo on some point but luckily Shantotto was there clear to board. We played continuously until I decided to Cast Exdeath on late game while i saw 3 Famfrits, 3 Leviathans and 2 Chaos in his Break Zone.
Robin played Garnet and Zidane to pass his turn. The moment i started my Main Phase on the next turn. I activated Grand Cross, he responded with Chaos with Yuna H on his Field to Remove my 9000 Body and I pretty much resets the Board with both Players only has 3 cards in hand. I passed the turn right after the Grand Cross and Chaos resolved
Robin casted Lenna and Larsa and passed.
I cast Ramza L and passed.
On this Point He attacked with Lenna, I knew Robin wasn’t that Stupid to not realize Ramza’s Ability, so took the Damage, Unfortunately for Robin He ran into Odin EX at that Time, and I decided to blow Larsa off, Lenna continues to attack and dropped me down to 6 Damage, He casted Paine S and end the turn.
I drew to my Last Al-Cid Onion Knight Combo, casted them to break Lenna, I attacked with Ramza dropped him to his 5th damage and passed, Left him with only Paine on his Board. Robin drew his Last Lenna to Larsa again and Cast it right after he attacked with Paine and I Blocked with Ramza to Trade off.
I drew Lightning and Cast it to Dull Lenna. I attacked for the Win with Al-Cid Onion and Lightning while he only had Larsa to Block.

This was the toughest match I had since I play FFTCG. It was a very good game with Robin. I respect him so much since he was very much experience than me on the Game and to be honest, I never expect to win against him. Well i think the Goddess of Luck smiled at me on that match.


Grand Finals Match vs Wind Water YuRiPa – Ignatius

Game 1: He had Minwu and Maria on Turn 2-3 of the Game. Didn’t have a great Tempo of the game, with the followings that All of my Forwards got removed by Chaos, Famfrits while Yuna H was on his board.

Game 2: Delita and Gilgamesh pretty much made the game so late and I saw so many of his removals was discarded on early-mid game. Both of us had our board filled with many strong forwards, He lost 2 Combats in 2 Turns because of Cyclops. The Emperor was the MVP of this game, It stops his Blitz Ace, Baralai, Eiko H and many more. Eventually Grand Cross had the game.

Game 3: He decided to go first and Cast Garnet and Zidane on his First Turn with no backups. I decided to go slow by casting 2 Backups (Chaos and Red Mage) and passed. He cast minwu on the following turn and shuts down my Al-Cid Combos and kept attacking with his forwards. Several Turns passed until i had 4 damage. I thought myself “I cannot take anymore damage” so i decided to Cast Exdeath since its a big forward against Wind Water. But, unfortunately he easily removed it with leviathans and chaos for w 2 turn straight and I conceded the Match. (Video Link of the Match will be uploaded to YouTube, I’ll share it to The Facebook Group Final Fantasy TCG Fans)

At the end of the day, I had no regret of anything I played today. 2nd Place was not bad tho. It was Ignatius’ Day and he deserve to Win it.
Robin and Martin with Wind Water Placed Top 4.
Went back to Azure and celebrates with steaks and drinks with my friends.

I never thought i placed 2nd on a Major event of this TCG, Most of the Players are based on Magic: The Gathering, while I came from Cardfight! Vanguard and Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

I want to thank to Animart for helding such greats

Oveaseas Players:
2nd Place FFTCG EU Champioship: Alex Hancox.
3rd Place FFTCG UK Nationals: Jamie Faulkner.
2nd Place Japan FFTCG Masters: Kurosawa-san.
Thank you so much, For all the Guides, Tips and Tricks for me of the through Facebook Chat Messenger.

Last but not the least to you readers who read till the end. My apologies for the Bad English and Grammar, because of I’m not from an English Language Based Country. I hope you guys enjoy and have a great day ahead.